• General Set Up:

    • Set up Electric guitar
    • Set up Electric guitar with Floyd Rose
    • Set up acoustic guitar and classical
  • Fret-dress:

    • Partial Fret Dress
    • Full Fret Dress
  • New Nut/Saddle Fitting

  • Re-fret:

    • Partial re-fret
    • Full re-fret
    • Re-shoot and re-fret
  • Reset neck angle Glued Neck (Acoustic, Les Paul, …)

  • Reset neck angle Bolt on Neck

  • Broken headstock repair with spline

  • Crack & dent repair

  • Electronics:

    • New pot fitting
    • New Jack socket fitting
    • Custom Electronics
    • New Pick up fitting
    • New pick up fitting with routing


  • New Peg Fitting

  • New soundpost

  • New Bridge Fitting

  • New Nut Fitting

  • New Fingerboard and nut Fitting

  • Re-shooting fingerboard

  • Lowering Bridge

  • Crack repair

  • Peg-box Re-bushing



Bespoke design and construction

All musicians dream of their ideal instrument; unique, particular and highly personal.

“Enrico is a worker of miracles! After a very thorough and considered consultation, sooner than I could have possibly expected I was playing my own baroque inspired acoustic guitar. It was hand crafted and modified to my exact specifications and sounds better than any guitar I have played elsewhere. He was also available to discuss ongoing progress with me and would find time to keep me updated regarding any developments. He is friendly, polite and full of interesting and inspiring suggestions. Although I had a fairly clear idea of what I was after from the outset, Enrico’s technical expertise meant I ended up with a totally unique, highly original instrument which both looks stunning and sounds superb. Highly recommended.”

Mark T

Modification and Repair

Instruments, like any prized possession, require our continuous tender loving care.

“I had a really good luthier back in Istanbul. All our network of musicians were always happy with his work. After I moved to London, I was scared to let anyone touch my beloved guitar. However, the time has finally come as there were issues to be fixed now. That is when I found about Enrico Savoncelli and decided to give him a go. I received my guitar now and I have to say that he’s done a brilliant job fixing a dented fret & cleaning up a completely moulded fretboard. If any of my musician friends in London is looking for a luthier who also does bespoke guitars, I can confidently recommend Enrico!”

Seda D

“Having purchased an expensive guitar a short while ago, which had some fret buzz. I took it back to the shop where they made a feeble attempt to cure the problem, while searching for a guitar repairer I came across Enrico. He was confident he could fix it so I left the guitar in the loving hands of his this brilliant luthier. He did a first class job, not a buzz to be heard. I was also impressed by his overall manor and attentiveness.”

Victor F


Some precious instruments all too often lie sadly neglected, left to slowly collect dust in the attic as the years pass by.

“After my husband passed away I came across what seemed to be a very old and worn out violin in its dusty, battered case. I decided to have it valued and thought I’d better have it assessed by someone who knew more about these things than I. A friend had mentioned an Italian Luthier who had restored her old violin to its former pomp and glory, so I got in touch with Enrico. He tended to the violin with great sensitivity and care to such an extent that it was barely recognisable from before. I was then able to pass on this newly acquired and valued family air loom to my granddaughter who is studying for her Grade 3. She was delighted to receive a gleaming, reanimated violin and I in turn am very grateful to Enrico for the outstanding job he did.”

Susan F

Please contact me if you have any further queries or wish to book a consultation. I work from a studio in North London but am happy to travel if need be.

Professional references are available upon request.

“Somebody’s going to wake up and their job in life is going to be to make guitars. There are a lot of good, talented people.”

Paul Reed Smith

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.”

Johannes Brahms

“Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake.”

Richard Sennett, The Craftsman